Need more space

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Extensions that fit your property and life style

Need more space but don't want the hassle and not inconsiderable cost of moving. An extension can give you the extra square footage while adding value to your property.

With more than a decades experience EB, we have worked on projects that range from one bedroom flats to large scale multifloor extensions.  

The most common extensions suitable for the London housing stock are: side return, wrap around, rear and double story extensions.

For more information on our work view our Extension Project page.

Side Return Extension: Very common in London for Victorian and Edwardian properties.  Extends your property into the alley way at the side of your home.

Rear Extension: Suitable for most properties, extends living space at the rear of your house. Ideal for creating open plan living.

Wrap Around Extension: Rear and side extension combined, giving an L-shaped footprint. Additional space wraps around on both sides.

Whether you need a team to plan and implement or a contractor to implement your plans; Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligations consultation and estimate.